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You have reached the home base of a new book by Keith Rosenkranz: Vipers In The Storm: Diary of a Gulf War Fighter Pilot.

Book cover - click to see a larger copy!During Operation Desert Storm, Air Force Captain Keith Rosenkranz piloted his F-16 in thirty combat missions, from the bombing of Iraq's nuclear research facility to attacks on the notorious "Highway of Death."

Vipers In The Storm recounts these experiences in searing "you are there" detail, giving readers one of the most riveting depictions ever written of man and machine at war.  Reading this book will put you in the cockpit of the world's greatest fighter, the F-16 Fighting Falcon.  Experiencing this web site will take you one step further - it will put you in the air!

Watch the book come to life as you visit the WEAPONS BUNKER to learn about the different weapons employed by the F-16 during the Gulf War.  Browse the CHAPTER REVIEW area which offers outlines and excerpts from each chapter and also features actual combat footage taken from the cockpit of Captain Rosenkranz's F-16.  Next, enter the COCKPIT VIEW and learn about the F-16's cockpit displays.  Visit the PHOTO SHOP and browse a gallery of the author's private photos.  Go to the ABOUT THE BOOK section and read background information about the book, book reviews, and also watch television and radio interviews with the author.  Read interviews with other "Viper drivers" who participated in the war in the PILOT DEBRIEF section.  Finally, click on the MESSAGE BOARD where you can interact with the author and other F-16 pilots and enthusiasts.


This site features the following content areas:

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About the Book - NEW! Vipers In The Storm is now available in paperback.  In this section, learn more about the author, find out what the media is saying about Vipers In The Storm, and read reviews of the book.  Then listen to a radio interview with the author and watch his appearance on a national television show (requires RealPlayer).  Finally, see the letters he has received from both the President and the Vice President of the United States.

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Chapter Review - Read a synopsis of each chapter in Vipers In The Storm and watch actual HUD video footage of the events described in the most exciting chapters of the book (requires RealPlayer).  Just look for the RealPlayer enabled symbol.  Numerous video clips are available.


Cockpit View -  Go inside the cockpit of an F-16 and learn about the symbology associated with the F-16's head-up display (HUD) module (requires Flash 4.0).

Weapons Bunker - Features pictures and descriptions of the different weapons and systems employed by the F-16 during the Gulf War.

Photo Shop - Photos from the author's private album help tell the story of Vipers In The Storm.

Message Board - Keith Rosenkranz, the author of Vipers In The Storm, frequently visits our active message forums and posts his comments and answers to your questions.  Post messages and ask questions in three separate forums:  NEWS, THE AUTHOR'S STUDY, and VIPERS LOUNGE.

Pilot Debrief - Includes interviews with several F-16 pilots who flew with the author during the Gulf War.

Links - Recommended sites for F-16 enthusiasts.

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