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Vipers in the Storm

Here is a description of the patches you see rotating in the top left corner throughout this site:

Red, White, and Blue F-16 Fighting Falcon Patch

The official patch of the F-16 Fighting Falcon.

Orange and Black Desert Storm F-16 Fighting Falcon Patch

F-16 Fighting Falcon commemorative patch, symbolizing the aircraft's participation in Operation Desert Storm.

4th Fighter Squadron Patch

The 4th Fighter Squadron emblem is on a black disc with a thin black border.  At the center of the disc is "Fuujin," the Okinawan god of wind.  Fuujin is green and carries a large yellow sack.  A red scarf is draped about his neck and shoulders, all in front of a gray thundercloud with a yellow lightning flash and raindrops falling toward the base.

421st Fighter Squadron Patch

The 421st Fighter Squadron emblem is on a silver gray oval which represents the worldwide capability of the unit.  In the center of the oval is a black widow spider, banded in crimson red.  The spider, the namesake of the squadron, characterizes the aggressive determination and awesome capability of the unit.  The color black symbolizes the night sky where the unit's early history was recorded.  The crimson band symbolizes the valor of the people assigned to the 421st FS.  The spider has a crimson hourglass on the center of its body.  The scroll above the oval is also banded in crimson red and below are the words "Black Widows."

388th Fighter Wing Patch

The blue background of the 388th Fighter Wing emblem represents the sky, the primary theater of operations of the Air Force.  The yellow is for the sun and for the excellence required by Air Force personnel.  The black thunderbolt represents the speed and power of the unit's aircraft.  The red represents the blood and valor.  Libertas Velmors - Liberty or death.

69th Fighter Squadron Patch

The 69th Fighter Squadron emblem depicts a lone wolf prowling under a gray moonlit night sky to reflect the unit's night mission capability.  The wolf, long known for its ability to hunt, find, and kill its prey, represents a single 69th pilot flying his aircraft on a night mission.  The single wolf, however, would not adequately reflect the true power, force, and firepower necessary for victory in battle - hence "Werewolves," (We Are Wolves). Together as a unit, victory will be ours.

Men In Black, We Own The Night Patch

This special patch is worn exclusively by LANTIRN qualified F-16 pilots.

421 TFS Black Widows, Kiss Of Death Patch

This special patch is worn every Friday by the fighter pilots who are members of the 421st "Black Widows."


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