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Vipers in the Storm
Chapter Review

Welcome to the CHAPTER REVIEW area for the book: Vipers In The Storm: Diary of a Gulf War Fighter Pilot.

In this section, you can read a summary of each of the book's 37 chapters.  Selected chapters feature excerpts detailing some of the combat missions the author and his friends flew during Operation Desert Storm.  Read about attacks against Iraq's Scud missile production facility, nuclear research facility, and the famed Republican Guard.

Then, to complete the interactive experience, click on the video display below the excerpt and watch the actual combat footage taken from the head-up display of the F-16 Fighting Falcon during that particular mission.  Other video clips about the author or the F-16 are also included.

Click on a chapter title, then read, watch, listen, and enjoy!

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Foreword by Dick Cheney


Chapter 20 - Fallen Warrior


Chapter 1 - Green Flag


Chapter 21 - The Inevitable


Chapter 2 - Oil and War


Chapter 22 - War Begins

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Chapter 3 - Viper

RealPlayer Enabled 

Chapter 23 - Defining Moment


Chapter 4 - The Storm Gathers

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Chapter 24 - Mission From Hell - includes extra video captures


Chapter 5 - Waiting for Saddam


Chapter 25 - Mother of All Battles

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Chapter 6 - First Leg

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Chapter 26 - Phase Two


Chapter 7 - Incredible Journey

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Chapter 27 - The Mailman Delivers


Chapter 8 - In Country


Chapter 28 - Patriotism


Chapter 9 - Unexpected Transfer

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Chapter 29 - Friendly Fire


Chapter 10 - Grounded


Chapter 30 - Killer Scouts


Chapter 11 - Black Widow

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Chapter 31 - Edge of the Envelope - includes extra video


Chapter 12 - LANTIRN

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Chapter 32 - Maverick


Chapter 13 - Tactics and Morale

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Chapter 33 - Proposal For Peace - includes video capture


Chapter 14 - T-Rack Steps In

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Chapter 34 - Play Time


Chapter 15 - Belonging

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Chapter 35 - "Altitude... Altitude"


Chapter 16 - Thanksgiving Comes - and Goes

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Chapter 36 - Highway of Death


Chapter 17 - Crowded Skies

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Chapter 37 - Welcome Home


Chapter 18 - We Own The Night




Chapter 19 - A New Year



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