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Vipers in the Storm
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SECTION 6     [ Page 1 ]     [ Page 2 ]

This section of the PHOTO SHOP contains photographs of some of the pilots who were members of the 421st Tactical Fighter Squadron - the Black Widows - during Operation Desert Storm.

Following is a list of photographs which are available.  It has been split into two pages.

Please click on the small, thumbnail photographs in the left column to see a larger copy of each photograph.



Lt. Col. Tom "Taz" Rackley
Squadron Commander



Lt. Col. Tim "Damien" Nall
Operations Officer



Maj. Mike "Grumpy" Daniels
Assistant Operations Officer



Capt. Keith "Rosey" Rosenkranz



Capt. Mark "Stitch" Miller



Capt. Kevin "Duck" Perry



Capt. Robin "Batman" Adam



Capt. Kevin "Cuda" Lingle



Capt. George "Harpo" Stillman



Capt. John "Jabba" Colombo



Capt. Geoff "Grover" Cleveland



Capt. Carlos "Jackal" Nejaime

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