Vipers In The Storm Message Board

The MESSAGE BOARD forums have a number of features that allow you to customize your viewing experience.  Please read about how to use them below.


Each forum has a set of links at the top and bottom of the "index" page that looks like this:

Post New Message | (Un)Subscribe | Search | Set Preferences |

When you first visit a forum, it is important that you click on "Set Preferences" first.  This is because the forum will initially load only the last two months worth of messages.  However, we recommend that you browse all of a forum's messages on your first visit.

To do this, you need to select an longer time frame in "Set Preferences."  Choose a setting like "during the last 36 months" to see all of the messages posted in any particular forum during the last three years.

Once you have had a chance to browse all of a forum's older posts, you can return to the "Set Preferences" screen of the forum and change the "list messages" setting to a more manageable time range like "during the last two weeks."

NOTE:  You must separately "Set Preferences" for each individual forum. You can choose to see messages for any time period from "during the last 1 hour" to "during the last 99 months" (which is just another way of saying "all messages").  The forums maintain up to 2000 messages.  Therefore it is very important that you change the "Set Preferences" option in each forum to a longer time frame (like "during the last 36 months") until you have had a change to browse through every available post.

You can also select the way the message index is displayed in each forum. We recommend one of the "threaded" style listings, but you can choose any of the display options.  The available options are explained in great detail on the "Set Preferences" page.

IMPORTANT:  To save your options and return to the forum message index click the "View Message Index" button.  If you just click the "Return to Index" link you will lose any changes you have made!

NOTE:  You must have cookies enabled in order to save your preferences.  If we cannot set cookies for your browser, you will not be able to use any of the advanced features available on the "Set Preferences" page.

Once again, after you have browsed all available messages in a forum we recommend that you return to the "Set Preferences" screen and change your preferences to shorten the time frame of the displayed messages.  This will speed up the loading of that forum's index page.


You can "Search" for messages on any forum using a date range, keyword(s) or phrase(s), or by a poster's name.  This is handy if you have a question and want to find out if it has already been asked and discussed.  Just enter a few words, like "missile" or "Kuwait," and you will get a list of messages for that topic.  When you read a message, the entire thread will be listed below so you can go back to the beginning of the thread and follow the conversation.

NOTE:  This search function only searches the body text of a forum's messages.  It will not search the subjects or titles of the messages.  Also, remember that the search function only searches messages from forum that you are currently in.  To search for messages in all of the forums, you will need to visit each forum and perform a separate search in each one.


You can subscribe to any of our forums by clicking on "(Un)Subscribe" at the top of that forum's message list.

"Subscribing" means that you will be sent an email every time someone posts a message to that forum.  On our busier forums, this will result in you receiving a large number of email messages.  Be careful not to subscribe to our busier forums unless you are really want to be receive all these email messages.

On the other hand, on slower forums such as the NEWS forum "subscribing" is a handy way of being kept up to date with new developments.

You can unsubscribe at any time by visiting the forum and clicking on the "(Un)Subscribe" button again.


When you are ready to post a message, please be sure that it meets our simple guidelines.  Also, make sure that you are posting in the correct forum.  When you are ready to post your message, please be sure to only press the "Post Message" button once -- pressing it more than once will result in annoying duplicate posts.

When you post a message, you also have the option of adding a password to your message.  This allows you to later delete your message if you make a mistake.

As stated in the MESSAGE BOARD rules, we ask that you do not delete any of your messages once a reply has posted to them.

To delete your message, scroll to the very bottom of your message until you see a button called "Delete This Message."  Enter the password you used when you originally created this message and then press the "Delete This Message" button.

You also have the option of selecting to have an email sent to you once a reply has been posted to your email.  Just check the box at the bottom of your post when you post your message.  IMPORTANT:  Please be sure that you have entered a correct email address at the top of your message.  To post any further messages to this reply you must always return to the forum -- you cannot reply by email.


If you experience any problems, please send an email to the

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